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If you'd like to get in touch, for any reason, please email our club email!


8/30/22 A new school year has arrived! HCRC will begin regularly scheduled practices Tuesday, Sept. 6 at 4:45pm on the steps of the MAC.
11/27/22 We're back. Our first spring semester practice will be at 3:15 on January 31st, as always on the MAC steps. We look forward to seeing you there!
11/06/21 Hear! Hear! As of Monday, November 8, we will be starting practice at 3:15 pm! This is to accomodate the drastically shorter days that will be soon upon us, as well as the end of Daylight Savings Time.
9/6/21 The first official practice of Fall 2021 (and our first in person practice in a year and a half!) will be on Monday, September 6th, at 4:45 at the MAC steps. We will meet in the same time and same place Monday through Friday until Daylight Savings ends in November, at which point practices will be at 3:15.
4/8/20 Come kickback every Friday with HCRC for Happy Hour at 5pm! It's a chill hangout for us to stay connected during these tough times. Also, huge welcome to the class of 2024! Feel free to hop into our happy hour chats if you're interested in getting to know us more, or simply hang out! This is the Zoom link.
3/13/20 Sad news! We will be stopping practice for the rest of the semester as Harvard closes because of COVID-19. Stay safe, and keep running indoors!
1/30/20 Treat the new year and semester off right with the first official practice of HCRC! We'll be going at 4:45 pm starting on Monday (2/3), come out!
11/02/19 Big news! As of Monday, November 4, we will be starting practice at 3:15 pm! This is to accomodate the drastically shorter days that will be soon upon us.
9/2/19 The 2019 fall season is here! HCRC practices officially start on September 2, at 4:45 at the MAC steps. We will meet in the same time and same place Monday through Friday until further notice.
3/12/19 All practices will be meeting at 4:45pm for the remainder of the spring semester. As usual, we meet outside the MAC steps! Come join us and bring a friend!
9/4/18 First practice of Fall 2018 semester on Tuesday, September 4th. Join us at 4:45pm at the steps of the Malkin Athletic Center!
5/21/17 First practice of Fall 2017 semester on Wednesday, August 30th. Join us at 4:20pm at the steps of the Malkin Athletic Center!
2/1/17 Indoor and Outdoor Track and Field Meet Schedule! Feb. 4 BU Scarlet and White Invitational Feb. 11 BU Valentine Invitational Feb. 25 HCRC Invitational (Home Meet!) Mar. 25 Club Penn Relays Apr. 1 Tufts Snowflake Classic Apr. 8-9 NIRCA Track Nationals Apr. 29 Binghampton Banana Relays +Fresh Pond Races every Sat at 10am
1/25/17 1. Saturday practices will now be at 4:20pm at the MAC steps with the option to do a track workout or a long run. 2. Sign up to host a Sunday Tea here (an HCRC tradition). 3. Join our Relay for life team here. 4. Race schedule for this semester: Saturday, February 25th - Home Indoor Track Meet Saturday, April 8-9th - NIRCA Nationals in Bloomington, IN
8/31/16 Unofficial practice starts on 9/2, 4:20 at the MAC steps. Informational meeting on 9/5, 7:00pm, location TBD, and join us that night for a midnight run from the MAC steps. Finally, on 9/7, there is an informal Greater Boston Track Club XC festival, to which all are welcome.
8/25/16 Partial and tentative meet schedule! Sept. 13 - Boston University XC Invitation, 5K Sept. 19 - UConn Meet, 6K and 8K Sept. 26 - Home Invite, 6K and 8K Sept. 27 - Brian Honan, 5k in Allston, MA Oct. 31 - NIRCA XC Northeast Regionals, 6K and 8K in Carlisle, MA Nov. 14 - NIRCA XC Nationals, 6K and 8K in Lexington, KY Feb. 27 - Track Invite (tentative)
7/4/15 The first day of practice will be Wednesday, September 2nd, 4:20pm at the Malkin Athletic Center steps. We think we can get 50 people to show up, so it's a great opportunity to make runner friends!



We’re a group of Harvard affiliates (mostly undergrads, but grad students, faculty, and staff are all welcome!) who love to run as a group. We have practice 5 times per week (M-F) with a variety of running routes and workouts. All paces and distances are welcome, and we love to welcome both new and experienced runners. HCRC races too! We attend NIRCA (intercollegiate club running) cross country races in the fall semester and track meets in the spring. Members get their race fees covered! All practices and races are optional, but we love to see everyone's smiling faces at name circle!


The HCRC is open to all Harvard affiliates. You don't need to be a member to run with us, but members have their race fees covered, get our super awesome t-shirt, and can rep Harvard with our racing singlets. All you need to become a member is $30 per semester or $50 per year, the ability to find the MAC steps, and the heart of a gazelle - minus that last thing. We also offer no-questions-asked financial aid!


When is the first day of practice?

First day of practice for the Fall 2022 semester is Tuesday, September 6th at 4:45pm.

Where, when, and how fast do you run?

We run year-round in greater Boston, mostly in Boston and Cambridge (Charles River, Downtown, Fresh Pond, Tufts). We meet Mondays through Fridays at the steps of the Malkin Athletic center on weekdays at 4:45pm. Pace varies based on the day's run and the group, but we'll gladly run any pace :).

Do you need to be a member to run with HCRC?

No, and we'll never require that. Membership is available to all Harvard affiliates, and only members can run in NIRCA-sanctioned races. We also waive the costs (entrance and transportation) of these meets for members.

Does HCRC have a schedule for practices?

Yes, although it is very loose. Generally, our more diffcult practices are Tuesdays (track/interval/hill workouts) and Thursdays (tempos at Fresh Pond). Our longer, slower runs are on Mondays and Wednesdays, while Fridays are our easiest day of the week, when we encourage members to bring new friends to practice!

Does the club do anything outside of running?

Of course! Movie nights, team dinners, sushi days, parties, and retreats are also in our repertoire.

Is there a mailing list?

What kind of Harvard club would we be without one? Email our club email if you want to be on it. We pinky promise to only send the highest of quality emails.

Does HCRC have social media page?

We're run-fluencers! Check out our instagram @hcrcinsta or our Facebook page, and throw us a like!

Why are there no jokes on this page?

Look at the url of this page. Ha! Madest thou look! So endeth the trick.


The Board

You can direct any questions you have about HCRC to or to one of the officers listed below. We're always happy to answer!

Sophie Kim '23 President
Sophie is a senior in Dunster House from Merrimack, New Hampshire. She is concentrating in linguistics with a secondary in Spanish. She loves trail running, Honey Bunches of Oats, and Tottenham Hotspur F.C.
Will Sutton '23 Vice-President
Will is a senior studying History. As VP, he is excited to focus on making HCRC a welcoming and inclusive environment, and exploring new ways of engaging with the Greater Boston running community. He also enjoys disc golf, board games, and a nice foam roll now and then.
Connor Leggett '23 Treasurer
Connor is a devilishly handsome senior from New Hampshire concentrating in Netflix Studies with a secondary in Chill. In his free time, he enjoys running ultramarathons, accepting prestigious awards, and planking for hours at a time.
Bill Beauregard '23 Social Chair
Billy is a senior from Salem, MA studying Environmental Engineering. Outside of running, he's involved in Engineers Without Borders and enjoys playing video games in his free time.
Kate Downey '24 Social Chair
Kate is a junior from Massachusetts studying Economics. She enjoys running, reading, and puzzles. One day, she hopes to be able to do a pull-up.
Andrew Nober '25 Publicity Chair
Andrew is a sophomore studying something vague, like society. In his free time he enjoys beating Keegan Harkavy at Settlers of Catan and meticulously recreating daily social interactions with figurines made of spoons. He was TIME’s 2006 Person of the Year.
Alan Wang '24 Race Coordinator
Alan is a junior studying applied math. He enjoys spending the long summer days in the woods of MA, soaking in the splendid New England biodiversity.
Lillian Petersen '24 Head Women's Captain
Lillian is a junior from the sunny state of New Mexico studying Applied Math and Molecular Biology. She loves running in tallest, most scenic mountains she can find, which is sadly hard to do in Boston. Outside of running she enjoys playing the guitar, drinking exotic teas, and playing games with family and friends.
Laeticia Allache '24 Head Women's Captain
Laeticia is a junior studying History & Literature. All she knows is: run, make art, read, thrift, and create oddly-specific spotify playlists for every occasion.
Julian Handler '24 Head Men's Captain
Julian is a junior studying Integrative Biology. In addition to running, he also enjoys singing, reading, and playing games with his friends and family.
Keegan Harkavy '25 Track Captain
Keegan is a sophomore from Cambridge Massachusetts planning to study Physics or Math. He loves running, hiking, exploring or really doing anything outside or in nature. He also enjoys a nice book or a fun board game, although he is indisputably worse at Settlers of Catan than Andrew.
Jamie Lu '24 Women's Captain
Jamie is a junior in Eliot studying Computer Science and Math. When she isn’t running, she can be found crying over psets and Taylor Swift’s All Too Well (10 minute version).
Jacob Jimenez '24 Men's Captain
Jacob is a moderately handsome junior in Dunster. He is concentrating in Social Studies and enjoys playing the banjo and the occasional sleep-walk.
Zoe Weiss '23 Women's Captain
Zoe is a senior studying chemical and physical biology. She loves coffee (before, during, and after running) and is a semi-pro cereal enthusiast.
Chloe Becker '25 Gear Coordinator
Chloe is a sophomore from Cleveland, OH (!!!) studying anything but STEM or Econ. When she’s not running down Holyoke St. to get to HCRC on time, she is honing her gear coordinator creativity by dressing like a pretentious FIT student for class.


Go The Distance

We run in and around Camrbidge, Sommerville, Boston, and sometimes beyond! Some of our favorites are the class "River Left" along the Charles River towards downtown Boston and "River Right" along the Charles away from the city, turning around at whichever one of the many bridges we feel like crossing. Our Thursday tempos loop around Fresh Pond, and our Track Tuesdays happen at Harvard's track by Harvard Stadium. We love to explore new routes and paths, so we are always open to suggestions!



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