9/4/18 First practice of Fall 2018 semester on Tuesday, September 4th. Join us at 4:45pm at the steps of the Malkin Athletic Center!
5/21/17 First practice of Fall 2017 semester on Wednesday, August 30th. Join us at 4:20pm at the steps of the Malkin Athletic Center!
2/1/17 Indoor and Outdoor Track and Field Meet Schedule! Feb. 4 BU Scarlet and White Invitational Feb. 11 BU Valentine Invitational Feb. 25 HCRC Invitational (Home Meet!) Mar. 25 Club Penn Relays Apr. 1 Tufts Snowflake Classic Apr. 8-9 NIRCA Track Nationals Apr. 29 Binghampton Banana Relays +Fresh Pond Races every Sat at 10am
1/25/17 1. Saturday practices will now be at 4:20pm at the MAC steps with the option to do a track workout or a long run. 2. Sign up to host a Sunday Tea here (an HCRC tradition). 3. Join our Relay for life team here. 4. Race schedule for this semester: Saturday, February 25th - Home Indoor Track Meet Saturday, April 8-9th - NIRCA Nationals in Bloomington, IN
8/31/16 Unofficial practice starts on 9/2, 4:20 at the MAC steps. Informational meeting on 9/5, 7:00pm, location TBD, and join us that night for a midnight run from the MAC steps. Finally, on 9/7, there is an informal Greater Boston Track Club XC festival, to which all are welcome.
8/25/16 Partial and tentative meet schedule! Sept. 13 - Boston University XC Invitation, 5K Sept. 19 - UConn Meet, 6K and 8K Sept. 26 - Home Invite, 6K and 8K Sept. 27 - Brian Honan, 5k in Allston, MA Oct. 31 - NIRCA XC Northeast Regionals, 6K and 8K in Carlisle, MA Nov. 14 - NIRCA XC Nationals, 6K and 8K in Lexington, KY Feb. 27 - Track Invite (tentative)
7/4/15 The first day of practice will be Wednesday, September 2nd, 4:20pm at the Malkin Athletic Center steps. We think we can get 50 people to show up, so it's a great opportunity to make runner friends!
7/4/15 The first announcement is I <3 Alina. Meaning I am less than three times as fast as she is.



We’re a group of Harvard affiliates (mostly undergrads, but grad students, faculty, and staff are all welcome!) who love to run as a group. We have 6 practices per week, and runners will have the option to do a workout on 2-3 of those days. All paces are welcome, but we find many of our members are committed to working hard and getting faster. We usually have 1-2 team races each month, and we cover the cost for members. All practices and races are optional since this is a club sport, but we’d love to have you show up at least a few times in the semester if not every day!


The HRC is open to all Harvard affiliates. All you need to become a member is $25 per semester or $45 per year, the ability to find the MAC steps, and the heart of a gazelle - minus that last thing. Membership isn't required to train with the team, but it gives you access to t-shirts, racing singlets, and meet entries.


When is the first day of practice?

First day of practice for the spring semester is Monday, January 22nd, 2018.

Where, when, and how fast do you run?

We run year-round in greater Boston, mostly in Boston and Cambridge (Charles River, Downtown, Fresh Pond, Tufts). We also love the Fells and Walden Pond. See the calendar and routes pages for more information. Pace is usually around 7-8:30, but we'll gladly run anywhere in the 5:45-9:30 range to accommodate :).

Do you need to be a member to run with HCRC?

No, and we'll never require that. Membership is available to all Harvard affiliates, and only members can run in Nirca-sanctioned races. We also waive the costs (entrance and transportation) of these meets for members.

Does the club do anything outside of running?

Of course! Movie nights, team dinners, sushi days, parties, and retreats are also in our repertoire.

Is there a mailing list? Email Michelle Vaccaro if you want to be on it.

Is there a Facebook page?

We thought you'd never ask! Check out our page, and throw us a like!

Why are there no jokes on this page?

Look at the url of this page. Ha! Madest thou look! So endeth the trick.


The Board

You can direct any questions you have about HCRC to or to one of the officers listed below. We're always happy to answer!

Michelle Vaccaro '19 President
Michelle is a junior originally from McLean, VA (just a long run away from DC), and she is now a proud resident of Quincy House. Throughout high school Michelle loved competing in cross country and track, but she decided to try out longer distances in college. She now loves competing in road races ranging from the 10k to marathon. She absolutely loves training and competing with fellow HCRCer’s — they are amazing! Some of her favorite HCRC traditions include sushi runs, Sunday teas, and taking River Run way too seriously. Michelle absolutely loves running Harvard’s Running Club, and she is always looking for more running buddies (dogs count, see above)! Rumor has it there is no statistically significant difference between her “slowish,” normal, and fast tempo paces. Come to Tempo Tuesdays to find out :)
Emmanuel D'Agostino '19 Vice-President
Alyssa Bravin '20 Treasurer
Alyssa is a proud Kirkland House resident who goes to running club solely to get in tip-top shape for IM's, especially River Run. That was a joke...please don't laugh unless you want to encourage her to make more. Alyssa's favorite parts of running club are races (EVERYONE SIGN UP WOO), EXPLORING and finding new loops on the less-trodden paths of Cambridge. Her vision for running club is for it to be a vehicle for people to escape the "Harvard Bubble", a concept that she believes exists only in our minds and is easy to break if you just take a
Stephen Gilinov '19 Secretary
Stephen is a proud resident of Dunster House (Roll Moose!) concentrating in Human Evolutionary Biology. Hailing from the quiet suburbs of Cleveland, OH, he enjoys exploring the vibrant communities of Cambridge and Boston on runs (even something as simple as the classic "river left"). In addition, among his favorites are tempo and track days--look for him to be ready for something "fun" (or decidedly "not fun," depending on one's perspective) on workout days. With some of his fondest running memories coming from high school XC, he thinks one of the great strengths of Running Club is the opportunity to train and compete alongside fellow HCRCers throughout the year. As secretary, Stephen manages gear orders, so if you have any cool ideas for HCRC swag, please let him know! He looks forward to a great year of running, training, and racing!
Sophie Pesek '20 Social Chair
Tyler LeComer '19 Social Chair
Tyler is a proud Dunster moose who has been with the Running Club since freshman fall. He may not be the best distance runner, but what he lacks in endurance, he wishes he could make up for in speed. He loves to hop in the occasional track workout and fun run between long shameful periods of inactivity. He takes great pride in his first place victory in the Banana 400m Dash at the Binghamton Banana Relays. Outside of the club, he is well known for his defensive prowess in intramural flag football.
Victor Yang '20 Webmaster
Victor is a junior in Leverett house who enjoys traveling and exploring new places with others. He studies Computer Science and is also on the pre-medical track. In his free time, he eats, sleeps, and updates the Running Club Website.
Nick Lee '21 Publicity Chair
Caleb Heuvel-Horwitz '21 Race Coordinator
Caleb is a resident of Kirkland whose only aspiration is to get so good at running that he can run away from the responsibilities of adult life and escape his family and friends to a remote cabin in the temperate mountains of Tibet where he will spend his days training Himalayan Tahrs to steal the pineapple off of pizza from unsuspecting American tourists who thought they could find Everest without a guide and are very confused because the tallest thing they’ve been able to find so far was a flock of blue sheep grazing on a small hill. Unfortunately, it’s not looking like this is going to happen any time soon because Usain Bolt probably still has to do his taxes every year and Caleb probably can’t run faster than that, let’s be honest, although he once managed to run back into his room from down the hall before his door closed (and locked automatically) when he realized he forgot his key on his dresser so if somebody timed that could they please submit it to the Olympics because it probably deserves a medal, thank you. Until then, he will continue to attend daily practices as an escape from the horrific nightmare that is the Math 23 homework when he hasn’t watched that week’s lecture videos, and to distract him from the existential crisis that grows every time he forgets to bring his phone to the bathroom and actually has time to think about things.
Emma Seevak '20 Head Women's Captain
As a young child, Emma could neither crawl nor walk, hence earning the nickname "the potted plant." In 7th grade, she joined middle school cross-country for the free Silly Bandz (she was too shy to ask her parents to buy them for her). Against all odds, she learned to love running. Now, as a freshman and head captain of HCRC, Emma delights in runs of all types, especially when enjoying nature, laughing with friends and exploring Boston. She's always excited to meet for a run, grab a meal, or go on an adventure, so shoot her an email if you wanna hang out!
Sophie Garrett '20 Head Women's Captain
Sophie will tell anyone who will listen that 4:27pm is her favorite time of day. She puts water before toothpaste and likes the grid shaped pretzels (namely, Snaps). She lives in Quincy, the house boasting the most number of HCRC board members. When she's not running, she can be found psetting with fellow math nerds or writing the "Dude, That's Rude" series for the Crimson's Flyby blog.
Joseph Winters '20 Head Men's Captain
Joseph is a junior in the Dudley co-op concentrating in ESPP. He did cross country all four years of high school, and one (miserable) year of track. His favorite places to run in Boston include classics like the Esplanade and “river left,” but he’s also a big fan of run-ventures to places like Arlington, Watertown, or the Costco in Everett (his favorite peanut butter company was demoing there). According to Strava, he’s run 4794.8 miles since 2014.
Claira Janover '20 Women's Track Captain
Hi my name is Claira. I’m a junior in Currier studying government! At harvard I’m involved in HMC, HMUN, IOP, and dems. In high school, I competed in the sprint hurdles, high jump, triple jump, the 4x4 and SMR, and the hepathlon. I’m super grateful to be women’s track captain of HCRC with such a great group of people!
Colin Harvey '20 Men's Track Captain
Hanna Kim '21 Women's Captain
Sarah Lagan Women's Captain
Caroline Diggins '20 Women's Captain
Hi, my name is Caroline and I'm a junior in Leverett House studying HEB with a secondary in Classics! Running club is absolutely one of the highlights of my day: after a long day of classes, one of my favorite things to do is catch up with other runners and explore the city on foot. I never ran competitively before coming to college, but have already learned so much by watching the other members of running club -- some day I hope to compete in a track meet myself!
Liz Roux '19 Women's Captain
Liz revels in anything involving sunny skies and nature - how convenient that running provides access to both! As a Floridian, her high school glory days of running involved running through thunderstorms and doing hill repeats in parking garages. Upon the move to Cambridge, MA, Liz now enjoys the brisk runs along the Charles and has come to comprehend what a "hill" actually is. She is armed with a limitless barrage of nature fun-facts for running conversations. Finally, she is the proud 2017 recipient of the HCRC "Most likely to garner a Forrest Gump following through motivational speaking" award.
Andrew Yang '20 Men's Captain
Cameron Maltman '20 Men's Captain
Cameron is that one guy on the team who always talk about being Canadian. He enjoys long runs with the team but can occasionally be seen running the track with his roommate and best friend Colin Harvey. When he is not running he can be found in Pierce Hall engineering or at an HCRC party yelling, "LETS GO!" at a volume that is too loud. Cameron is commonly seen running at the back of the pack and in the best house on campus, Adams.
Cooper Bryan '19 Men's Captain
Hi! I'm Cooper and I'm a senior living in Winthrop House. I grew up in Addis Ababa but somehow managed to avoid the running skill that Ethiopians have. I love to run but mostly I love running with other people!
James Gusmer '21 Men's Captain
Marcus Trenfield '21 Men's Captain


Go The Distance

Map Name Miles
Lazy Lazy Day 0.1
BU Bridge BU Bridge 3.7
MIT Loype MIT Loype 4.1
Omars Run Omar's Run 4.8
MIT Bridge MIT Bridge 5.5
Fresh Pond Fresh Pond 6.0
Coreys Hill Corey's Hill 6.0
Giacomos Run Giacomo's Run 6.3
Tufts Tufts 6.3
Longfellow Longfellow 7.5
Pleasant Bay Pleasant Bay 10.4
Walden Pond Walden Pond 15.3



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Heading Level 4

Heading Level 5
Heading Level 6


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